My Venture into Society…

Today was one of those days where I actually decided (with my Mum) to seek assistance from the world. I’m aiming to be a full-time student and start classes within the next month, which does not seem to be such a bad thing. Currently, income is at a startling zero. Anyway, the schooling gives living expenses which would be a hearty help — and it helps with a job post degree. Therefore, my plans were adequate. Tomorrow’s my eighteenth. I’m not alone, though, in going to college. My Mother was in Real Estate, among other awesome jobs, but she was going to go through the medical training with me. Possibility of getting foodstamps? Denied. Why? Because… Because we want to be full-time students to finish faster and get better jobs. Sucre bleu. Also, we just so happened to end up moving into the state with the highest unemployment rate. But if you’re not working, you can’t get foodstamps. How’s that for a kicker?

California, which I’ve come to somewhat detest (love/hate relationship), is far better than this place, which I hoped would have my dream for college and career fulfilled — along with the amazing scenery to boot. =/ Thank you, world.

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